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I have been in the GCC Job market for more than one and half-decade. I often hear and notice that Jobseekers get frustrated of not getting interview calls despite their response to the hundreds of job openings.

I have reviewed and found some weakness in the CVs of some candidates who had not received any calls although they responded to numerous job vacancies. I found them frustrated why they did not get interview calls at least for the screening.

There are common mistakes in most of the CVs which I reviewed and was shocked to see so many common mistakes which are unacceptable which might land in BIG NO JOB ZONE.

  • A CV is not ATS support format or not even friendly format and keywords missing. – CV more than 3 pages (If possible, restrict to 2 pages).
  • The role not in chronological order.
  • No achievements mentioned
  • Core skills missing, which is must require for the respective role
  • Grammatical mistakes,
  • Format so tight and not easy to read
  • Different type of fonts and different size across the whole CV.
  • Sentences not aligned and too long sentences.
  • Not mentioning enough job description hardly 3 to 4 lines.
  • Highlighted with too many colours
  • Added Company logo & images, instead of mentioning Company name.
  • Too much of personal details provided apart from contact number & email like mother name, father name, passport number, date of issue, date of expiry.
  • CV details and LinkedIn details not matching like Joining date & leaving date, Job description. Anything to add.
  • ATS hates: Profile Pictures, Graphics, Symbols, Icons, ®️ (Prince2, Agile etc), Italics, Horizontal Lines, Vertical Lines (Except Tiny Dividers), Mixed Fonts, Multiple Colours, Graphs, Tables, Font Size, SMALLER Than 11 Points, Hyperlinks (Including Links To Email And Linkedin), Text Boxes, Underlines.

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