PS Limboo, known by his pen name ‘Nishchal PS’ amongst the Nepalese community especially in the Nepalese Literary world (born March 23, 1971, Myanglung 9, Tehrathum, Nepal, is a Dubai based Human Resources & Management Professional.

pslimboo.com.np initially was developed for blogging purpose in 2005. It was being run the site completely for personal blogging writing opinions and community news etc. However, the time has been changed then and now specially COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us and the entire world a lesson that many works can be done staying home through freelancers. I therefore have decided to build a team of passionate individuals who would like to utilize their skills, talents as freelancer to support business houses and marketplace. Having been in the GCC, Dubai, UAE for more than 17 years and 2 years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, almost two decade, have built a diverse community of the freelancers who have delivered projects for top companies, entrepreneurs and individuals looking to get things done from different parts of the world including Arab region.

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