Creating an ATS-friendly CV is crucial for success in the job market, where many job seekers face frustration due to a lack of interview calls despite applying for numerous openings. 

Having reviewed several CVs, I observed common mistakes that must be avoided to avoid ending up in the 'NO JOB ZONE.'Here are some key points to keep in mind for an ATS-friendly CV:
  • Keep it concise: Limit your CV to 2 pages if possible, avoiding unnecessary details.
  • Chronological order: Please arrange your work experience in chronological order and refrain from stating phrases like "worked/experienced 5 years in an ABC firm." Remember to include the specific time frame in the format [Month/Year - Month/Year].
  • Highlight achievements: Mention your accomplishments in each role to stand out.
  • Core skills: Include relevant skills that are essential for the respective role.
  • Grammar and formatting: Avoid grammatical errors and use an easy-to-read format.
  • Consistent font: Use a single font type and size throughout the CV.
  • Clear and aligned sentences: Keep sentences aligned and avoid lengthy ones.
  • Job descriptions: Provide sufficient details about each job, but keep it concise.
  • Avoid excessive formatting: Refrain from using too many colours, graphics, icons, or different font styles.
  • Avoid personal details: Stick to essential contact information; avoid unnecessary personal information.
  • ATS hates: Avoid including profile pictures, graphics, icons, italics, horizontal/vertical lines, mixed fonts, text boxes, underlines, hyperlinks, and tables smaller than 11 points.
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