A Happy Farmer Family

The dawn is going to crack,

The rooster crows-alarm clock!

Sanee's Paa, Sanee's Paa, Sanee's Paa,

The wife of the farmer- sleeping beside him -wakes him up.

She starts frying maze in ha: di- flat bottomed earthen pot.

Farmer yawns and takes water in a vessel,

And washes his face and used his cap to dry it.

Both sit on a mat and eat fried maize as breakfast with black tea with salt.

He steps off intending to stride- pauses at the door,

His wife understands what he expects.

She rushes to him and hugs him,

While he kisses her.

Both wish each other a great day.

Its the winter season,

Time to plough the field for planting maize.

Famer carries plough and yoke. 

Huha... huha Furke*, Huha Huha Tikhe*...chases the oxen to yoke them.

The land lies behind a precipice,

Sunray visits him as chief guest and disappears.

He takes a break, letting the oxen rest,

Smokes blowing a cloud of smoke and looks around.

Wife brings him lunch,

The soup of Gundrk, a fermented leafy vegetables

Spicy curry of yam,

And porridge of millet flour.

Farmer Couple enjoys the dish.

Both hug each other,

With the promise of meeting soon.

Wife takes her way home,

While the husband continues ploughing.

The horizon gets blushed like a shy full beautiful lady,

Indicating the farmer to prepare to go home.

He unyokes the oxen and chases them back home,

Ties them in oxen shed and gives them hay

And hot soup made of leaves of pumpkin.

Sanee's Paa-wife calls him,

The dinner is ready. Let us eat our daughter is hungry.

The small farmer family- farmer couple,

And their only daughter Sanee enjoy the dinner.